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  • 08 Dec 2021 15:48 | Deleted user

    Kender du til kurser i Research Management på engelsk?

    CBS Executive har et forløb men udbyder det kun ca hvert andet år. Har andre universiteter sådanne kurser som også forskere udefra kan deltage i? Eller kender I til firmaer der udbyder disse kurser? 

    Jeg spørger fordi en af CBS's forskere har fået en bevilling fra Forskningsrådet som inkluderer penge til et Research Management course.


    Karen Slej

    RSO, CBS

  • 09 Sep 2021 18:17 | Annedorte Vad (Administrator)

    Reutlingen University researchers are eager to network beyond national borders and engage in international collaborations.

    Below is a summary of the major topics of research that Reutlingen would be interested in:

    Health related:

    • AI applications e.g. recognition of movement possibly for the elderly and smart home but other related field autonomous driving or smart cities
    • Biomedical engineering e.g. organ on a chip or 3D models and applications reducing animal testing or impacts on environment (e.g. clean meat or artificial skin)
    • Biomaterials, polymer-based coating

    Energy related

    • Virtual/decentral power plants
    • Flexible CHP operation etc.
    • Living lab, second-life-batterry


    Transport or /and Industry 4.0

    • Interactive design in automotive
    • Intralogistics
    • Smart marterials (applications in batteries for example)

    Contact the DARMA President for information on how to contact Reutlingen RMA

  • 11 Jun 2021 10:20 | Hanne Dahl Mortensen

    Kære alle

    Sean har fortalt mig, at det er muligt at genhøre dele af hans præsentation, som han afholdt tirsdag den 8. juni 2021 i forbindelse med DARMA årsmøde. 

    Jeg har i denne forbindelse modtaget følgende information fra Mary Mccarthy:

    If there are any other members who cannot attend, please ask them to email me directly please.

    We will then register them on our online learning platform.

    Adressen er: mary.mccarthy@hyperion.ie

  • 11 Jun 2021 10:10 | Hanne Dahl Mortensen

    Sean Mccarthy har bedt mig om at dele denne PDF fil med jer efter vores årsmøde online juni 2021.

    Der vil være en kode på, når I forsøger at åbne pdf filen - skriv denne: hyperion

    Version 3.1.0 How to Support Researchers in Writing the Impact of Pillar II Proposals (Horizon).pdf

  • 18 Feb 2021 09:54 | Annedorte Vad (Administrator)

    I have received news about the INORMS 2021 conference from the INORMS Chair:

    As announced on the congress website, we have decided to hold the INORMS 2021 congress fully online in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. This has been an exceptionally difficult decision, but the safety and health of our community are our primary concern. Your kind understanding about the necessary changes would be greatly appreciated.

    The INORMS2021 Online Congress offers:


    • Opening Ceremony on May 25, 2021 (JST) the recorded video can be viewed on demand after the Ceremony through to June 30, 2021 (JST)
    • Oral Sessions including Plenary Sessions, Invited Sessions, Special Session, Sponsored Sessions and Ignite Sessions
    • Poster Sessions can be viewed in PDF format
    • Closing Ceremony (available after 5pm on May 27, 2021(JST))
    • Meeting Hub and Discussion Forum (Chat systems) will be available on the virtual platform.

    * We will contact presentation speakers with more information by email later this month.

    • Exhibitors' brochures and videos will be available. Delegates can communicate with exhibitors via a text-based Meeting HUB, which includes live interactive hours specified by each exhibitor between May 24 and 27, 2021 (JST)).
    • and more, to be announced at a later date.


    Registration deadlines, fees and cancellation policies have been revised as follows:

    General deadline: Thursday 17:00 Japan time, April 15, 2021 *revised Late deadline: Thursday 17:00 Japan time, May 27, 2021 *extended

    Since the INORMS 2021 congress will be held fully online, the Registration fees have been amended to 80% of the original Registration fees. In addition, the category of Day pass has been deleted and those who have applied for the Day pass category will be requested to change the category to Full-delegate. On-site registration has been deleted and we have extended the deadline of Late registration until May 27.

    The Fee for the Congress Dinner and Visa will be fully refunded.

    More details regarding Registration fees are available on the congress website (https://inorms2021.org/registration.html).


    **Refund policy (part of Registration fees, Fee of Congress Dinner and Visa) will be announced in a separate e-mail to those who have paid the fees. This refund policy will be applied to those who have paid the registration fees, fee for Congress Dinner and/or fee for visa by February 16, 2021 ONLY. If you have paid registration fees and do not receive an e-mail with a refund form by February 18, 2021, please contact the INORMS 2021 Registration Desk (inorms2021-regist@or.knt.co.jp).

    Until Thursday April 15, 2021 ----- 25% refund minus fees On and after Friday, April 16, 2021 ----- No refund

    More details are available on the congress website (https://inorms2021.org/index.html).

    The recorded videos can be viewed until June 30 so that it is possible for you to join and listen to multiple parallel sessions which is impossible for the in-person Congress.

    We are excited to be able to offer you this Online Congress and hope that you will join us in this event.

    Yours sincerely,

    Norifumi Miyokawa

    Chair, INORMS 2021 Planning Committee

  • 21 Jan 2021 20:23 | Annedorte Vad (Administrator)

    Does it matter when you submit?

    We all know that some proposals are submitted awfully close to deadline and it can be incredibly stressful to both the researcher and the research administrator. Besides that, one cannot help wondering how last-minute submission impact the funding success

    The problem with late submissions

    • Too many submissions near deadline
    • Not enough time to do a proper review
    • Difficulty to work with PI for edits
    • Pressure to get the submissions out before the deadline
    • A time crunch for correcting submissions returned with errors
    • Technical glitches
    • Anxiety and stress from all the above!
    Temple University set out to analyse their data and Krunal Cholera presented the findings at the 2020 SRAI Virtual annual meeting. The data may not be directly transferable to the Danish context, but I do believe we can find the findings inspirational and they can spark discussions at our own institutions on how we professionalise the review process.

    Temple University analysed three data points relative to the application deadline:

    1. How long before the deadline they were submitted for internal pre-review (budget/administrative review)
    2. How long before the deadline they were submitted for final review/processing
    3. How long before the deadline they were submitted to Grants.gov.


    It goes without saying that the good research idea and a well written proposal is still the most important thing in obtaining funding. A poor proposal submitted early will still have little chance of getting funding and a good proposal may still be funded even if it is submitted only one minute before deadline. But not surprisingly Temple University found that more time for review and processing results in better funding outcomes.

    1. Ninety percent of funded awards were associated with applications submitted into pre-review five or more days before the deadline.
    2. Sixty-seven percent of funded awards were associated with applications submitted for final review/processing two or more days before the deadline.
    3. Eighty seven percent of funded awards were associated with applications submitted to Grants.gov three or more hours before the deadline.

    This led to changes at Temple University

    This led to a 5-day/2-day rule at Temple University. Since 2014 proposals must be submitted for preliminary review five or more days before the sponsor's deadline and full proposal must be submitted for final review two or more days before the sponsor's deadline. If the PI cannot adhere to this, a waiver request is required from the Dean to the Vice President for Research. Proposals requiring the waivers are not guaranteed on-time submission, although the Grants Office make every effort to do so. And it worked! In 2014, only 62 percent of the proposals was submitted to the Grants Office compared to more than 80 percent ever since. 


    The aim was to streamline the process and reduce the burden on everyone and Temple University succeeded.

    1. Higher success rates
    2. Less stress up to deadlines 
    3. Better collaboration between PI and RMA

    Mr. Krunal Cholera has kindly allowed me to post this review of his presentation and I hope you find it useful. He also sent me the presentation for me to share with interested DARMA Members. Let me know if you want it and I will mail it to you

    Kind regards, 

  • 27 Oct 2020 08:41 | Hanne Dahl Mortensen

    Der var 42 deltager til Mark Reeds Webinar om Impact den 16-10-2020:) 

    Effterfølgende har jeg modtaget en mail fra Mark Reed, hvori han stiller en masse resourcer til rådighed for os alle:

    Research Impact Handbook: 


    View slides and video from the training

    Slides: PowerPoint version of full slide deck used in the training


    Other resources we may find useful

  • 06 Aug 2020 10:54 | Hanne Dahl Mortensen

    Dear all

    I am pleased to announce that my webinars about How to write a competitive CV, How to address Impact in applications and How to write the summary in an application for funding is now available in English.

    Please follow the links below:


  • 04 Jun 2020 11:42 | Hanne Dahl Mortensen

    Kære alle

    Tak til Pernille Steen Pedersen for et spændende webinar den 2. juni om Strees og Skam.

    Pernille's slide kan I finde her oplæg darma.pptx

    Her er et par link, som Pernille har delt med os:

    Interview med Pernille omkring Corona-krisen:


    Artikler om Pernille's forskning, som kan downloades gratis:



    Hjemmesiden, hvor de gratis stressværktøjer ligger og kan downloades


  • 29 May 2020 15:38 | Hanne Dahl Mortensen

    Tak til Kaare Aagaard som afholdt et spændende webinar den 27. maj 2020 om Forskningsfinansering og Mathæuseffekter.

    Her findes hans slides:

    Kaare Aagaard - forskningsfinansiering og Mattheuseffekten.pdf

    Her er et link til hans præsentation på YouTube med tale:


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